August 8, 2018

You Need a Penetrant for Systemic Pesticides

Systemic is what we use to describe the mode of action pesticide work on crops, in general terms. We have systemic herbicides, systemic curative fungicides and systemic insecticides. Once these pesticides are applied on part of the plant, they can move inside the plant following absorption by the plant.
Penetrant is an activator adjuvant that can help enhance cuticle penetration and absorption, which is just an ideal case for systemic pesticides.
MSO adjuvant is a type of penetrant which is popular now. They are usually combination of MSO (methylated seed oil) and emulsifiers or surfactants. The primary use is with post-emergent herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, especially whose with systemic action. MSO adjuvants can increase droplet spreading, cell permeability, absorption, and efficacy.
We Profirst is now introducing a penetrant series products, named Pro-MSO.
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