August 8, 2018

Water Conditioner to Acidify Spray Water and Handle with Hard Water Pro-Buffer L2 in Liquid Form

Pro-Buffer L2 is a water conditioner in liquid form, which can acidify the spray water and sequester metal ions in hard water.
Key Benefits:
- To reduce pH value by approximately 1.5, which will benefit most pesticides 
- To tie upon different types of hard water cations before they can bound with pesticides, especially weak-acid herbicides, thus keep - herbicides in active form and give more consistent weed control 
- To lower the risk of pesticides failure and the added costs when it happens 
- Low use rate of Pro-Buffer L2 @0.2%-0.8% compared to liquid AMS @1% 
- Easy-to-use liquid formulation
Product Usage:
Tank mix use
1) Read and follow directions for use on pesticide labels. (It is recommended to use test areas if possible.)
2) Test pH and hardness of water to choose the suitable use rate of Pro-Buffer L2.
3) Fill spray tank half of water and begin agitation.
4) Add desired rate of Pro-Buffer L2 to water before adding pesticides.
5) Add pesticides, as directed by label, while maintaining agitation. (If pesticide label recommends the addition of a surfactant, follow instructions accordingly.)
Recommended Use Rate:
 Water hardness level Use rate
 <200 ppm 0.2% v/v
 200-400 ppm 0.4% v/v
 >400 ppm 0.8% v/v
 Appearance Yellow liquid
 Active Content, % ≥50
 pH range (1% aqueous solution) 6.0-7.0
 Viscosity, cps 30-80
Packing: 200kg/drum

Sample of Pro-Buffer L2:
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