March 24, 2016

Most welcomed products from Shanghai Profirst during CAC 2016

Thanks for all dear friends came to visit our booth during CAC 2016. Hope to see all of  you there in next CAC 2017 (March 1-3, 2017).
During this exhibition CAC 2016,  the products from Profirst caught much attention from visitors are as follows:
1. PASS: super spreader, still the most welcomed one, also our best selling product in last few years.
2. Pro-DFM:defoamer, silicone based defoamer with high efficiency to control foams in water based systems.
3. Pro-XTG: Xanthan Gum, as suspension agent for SC formulation, also as antdrift agent in tank mix.
4. P-CA: prohexadione calcium, as palnt growth  regulator for vegetative control in Apple, Rice, Wheat, Cotton...
Anyone have interest in these products and need more detailed information, please feel free to let me know.
Best Regards
Alan Chen
Agrochemical Department Manager 
Shanghai Profirst Co., Ltd.
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