August 8, 2018

Why Agricultural Spray Adjuvants?

Agrochemicals take a long journey from the sprayer, to the crops, and make biological effect. Many factors will block them.
  • Tank pollution:
Residue agrochemicals from last application (different products) may cause compatibility problem and/or crop damage.
We need tank cleaner!
  • Mix Problem:
Mix different formulations in one application to save labor and time but sometimes may cause incompatibility,precipitation, flocculated suspension which leading to antagonism or even crop damage.
We need compatibility agent!
  • Drift:
Too fine or coarse droplet are not ideal to reach the target.
We need anti-drift agent!
  • Evaporation:
Crops need time to absorb agrochemicals in the presence of water solution. Crystallization on the surface is useless and waste.
We need moisturizer, sticker!
  • Rebound:
Droplet rebound is off-target,and waste in soil.
We need deposition aid!
  • Wax layer:
Wax layer in most cases is what the non-reflective leaves have, which is hard for spray solution to wet and penetrant. Uneven coverage is not good for contact pesticides, and penetration failure is bad for systemic pesticides.
We need wetting agent, spreading agent, penetrant, etc!
In conclusion, agricultural spray adjuvants, or tank mix adjuvants above mentioned or of other utilities are good helper for agrochemicals to better finish their task!
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