March 24, 2017

Agricultural Silicone Surfactant PASS


Common name: Silicone Surfactant

Chemical name: Polyether Modified Trisiloxane, Polyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethyltrisiloxane
CAS no.: 67674-67-3 
PASS is a super spreading agent for foliar-applied agrochemicals in tank mix, including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, fertilizers and micro-nutritions. 

Outstanding Merits
1) Low surface tension leading to enlarging droplet coverage
2) Improve the spraying solution penetration thus enhance the efficacy and rainfastness
3) Save the use of water and agrochemicals to get the same efficacy

Key Specifications
Appearance: Colorless transparent to light amber liquid
Surface tension (0.1%): 20.5-22.0 mN/m 
Density (25℃): 1.01-1.015 g/cm3 
Viscosity (25℃): 30-50mpa.s 
Cloud point (0.1%): < 10

Product Usage
Dosage of PASS in tank mix: 0.025%-0.1% of the spraying solution, generally 5 ml PASS per 15 liters spray solution. 
Better pH range is 5-8. Use within 24 hours of preparation.

1L, 2.5L, 20L, 200kg/drum, IBC, etc, depends on customers’ need.

Product Safety, Handling and Storage
Transport as non-dangerous goods.
Tight up and store in cool place.
Shelf life is 24 months.

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