April 1, 2013

General introduction of Shanghai Profirst---Agrochemicals

Wellcome to Profirst !

Profirst engages in research, development, production and sales of pesticides and agricultural surfactants, like agricultural silicone surfactant and APG for Glyphosate SL formulations.

We produce Pesticides products in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14000, and CIPAC, FAO. Profirst has an outstanding advantage on pesticide registration; we have an experienced team in dea
ling with pesticide registration (more than 100 products in 68 countries). 

Focusing on offering the right products, we study on products, pests and the product trend and replacement. We share with our partner the latest research reports on the main crops. Each year there will be a renewal on these reports. Profirst has devoted into researching in pesticides application since established. 

As so far, chemical protection methods and related pesticides have been offered for crops, such as Rice, Wheat, Corn, Soybean, Chili, Cabbage, Banana, eggplant, Pineapple, and Tea, etc. The purpose of Profirst is that, we provide right products based on the whole understanding for the targets!

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